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Cone Crusher

Selling cone crusher at cheap pricesCone cruser is one type of stone crushing machine that is widely used as a mining tool. This machine is designed to resemble a cone in the material reservoir, so it is called a cone crusher. Cone crusher is generally used for secondary crusher stage, or a second stage crusher that can be set in the size of the fractional size. Cone crushers have a characteristic in a crushing system, which is when the incoming material is too hard, then the bowl in the cone crusher will move outward so that a greater impact is obtained.The result of fraction using cone crusher is determined by the size of the settings on the open side. This setting is adjusted by raising the bowl down. Easy operation is the advantage of cone crushers, especially in the mining sector. Fractional product size with a cone crusher machine, can be set easily and can be sorted with a vibrator feeding machine.
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